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Cretaceous Shores of a South Alabama Creek

Our May trip took us to the Cretaceous belt of south Alabama, and as often the case in this part of the country, it was hot and steamy. Fortunately for us, the creek was still quite cool since it is only May. This is always a highly anticipated and widely attended field trip. We had a lot of first-time attendees as well as a number of APS veterans. The site is part of the Eutaw formation and represents late Cretaceous age of about 83mya. The primary fossils from the site include the echinoids (e.g. Hardouinia bassleri), molluscs, ammonites, shark teeth, reptile fossils, fish teeth and bones, and occasional bones of other critters.

We had a great time and found a lot of fantastic fossils. Below are some of the finds from May's trip.

Shark Teeth:



Sample of things (e.g. Hardouinia, Shark and Fish Teeth, Oyster, Gastropod, and some indertiminant bone chunks):

It was another great outing with the APS doing what we do! Hope to see you next time!

Jim Braswell, APS President

<P.S. - If any member has additional pictures they would like to share, we would love to add them to the post!>

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