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is a nonprofit organization of amateur fossil enthusiasts and professional paleontologists who are interested in the collection, interpretation, and dissemination of knowledge

of fossils and the rich natural history of the

State of Alabama.   


Membership is open to anyone who shares the interests

of the Society. We expect our members to conduct their activities in accordance with our code of ethics.


APS is offering its support to our member Dr. Bill Deutsch for the publication of his upcoming new book: Ancient Life in Alabama: The Fossils, The Finders, & Why it Matters.  Please consider sending an earmarked contribution to our treasurer Greg Smith to help with the publication costs. As of July 1, 2022, donations to help with publication through APS total $1,400!  See below for an open letter from Bill to our members and friends and consider donating.  Every little bit helps!

Dear Friends of the Paleo Community,


I am nearly finished with writing a book titled, Ancient Life in Alabama: The Fossils, the Finders & Why It Matters. Many APS members and other professional and avocational paleontologists participated in this three-year project. The book has 50 Bio Sketches of them, describing how they became interested in fossils, their career paths, and the importance of teachers and mentors. The book also has 30 sections called Joy of the Hunt, where Alabama collectors described some of their most interesting and important fossil discoveries.


I have chosen “cooperative publishing” that will use MindBridge Press in Florence, Alabama. This is a more personal approach to producing a book that supports local economies, minimizes the book’s ecological footprint, and avoids printing and shipping the book from the other side of the world (with more than 200 color images, larger publishers would insist on printing in Asia to cut costs!). I used this method to publish my previous book, Alabama Rivers: A Celebration & Challenge (www.alabamariversbook.com), and was very pleased with the quality and outcome, including the professionalism and friendship of MindBridge Publishers, Ed and Anita Garner and their team for art, image prep, and layout. I will personally cover the cost of producing this book, and will primarily sell it at book talks, special events, and online.


Two APS officers served as reviewers along with several other amateur and professional paleontologists, and they believe this book will help fulfill the APS mission to educate the public about fossils. They decided to help me cover some expenses by providing a way for anyone to contribute through APS. Tax deductible gifts to APS of any amount will be combined, and the Alabama Paleontological Society will be acknowledged in the book and at book talks for this financial support. APS Treasurer Greg Smith graciously agreed to track contributions, and donations may be sent to him at:


Greg Smith

510 Adams Rd.

Leeds, AL 35094

If you decide to contribute, please clearly indicate on the check or in a note (NOT on the envelope) that it is for the “Fossil Book” so that Greg knows which account to use.

For contributions of at least $500, a person will be acknowledged separately as an individual or family, and such gifts can also be designated as, “In Memory of…” or “In Honor of…” in the Acknowledgements.  Please include instructions for the exact way you would like to be acknowledged for these larger donations.The book will go to press in late July, so donations need to be received by about July 15, 2022, to finalize the book’s Acknowledgments section.

Thank you for considering this opportunity. All donations regardless of size are greatly appreciated.




Dr. William “Bill” Deutsch

Research Fellow, Emeritus

Auburn University