Our Upcoming Speaker

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MONDAY, November 1, 2021 AT 7:00 PM Central Time USA

Title: "Teach Me Paleontology: One Teacher's Dino-Sized DIG Field Experience"

Speaker: Amber Dawn Moore, 5th Grade Teacher, New Market School, New Market Alabama


As a teacher, I understand the act of "doing" science is much more productive and meaningful than simply reading about science. While I utilize this strategy with my students on a regular basis, I had never experienced authentic science field work myself. That all changed when I attended the DIG Field School in Hell Creek, Montana. Join me as I provide APS listeners with a "back to basics" review of my field work adventure from the perspective of a dino-hunting novice. From tagging fossils to field notebooking, it was all new to me!  I'll explain my work through four rock formations with outcrop exposures including the lowest/oldest Bearpaw Shale Formation and the highest/youngest Tullock Formation. I will share my experience learning about the K-Pg boundary while leaning on the actual K-Pg boundary, discuss collecting micro- and macto- vertebrate fossils, and talk about my newfound love of paleobotany.


Amber Moore is a 5th grade teacher at New Market School in New Market, Alabama. She recently completed her Education Specialist degree at the University of North Alabama in Elementary Education with a focus in Teacher Leadership and Teaching English as a Second Language. She obtained her master’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of West Alabama and her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Athens State University. She is a National Board Certified Teacher in Middle Child Generalist, a Google Certified Educator, a National Geographic Certified Educator, and Fulbright Alumni. Amber believes that hands-on, place-based lessons are the best strategies for engaging students and encouraging them to take ownership of their learning. She enjoys developing authentic learning experiences for her students and allowing students to show their learning in creative ways.