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A Call To All APS Members To Participate

As most of you know, we have the updated APS website running and online. Our goal for this website is to be informative to members and the public with pictures and information about fossils found locally and internationally. Most of the members in APS are pretty passionate and knowledgeable about their pastime and are willing to share with the world their finds and their accumulated information.

Pictures do tell part of the story, and we would like for members to check their phones and computers for pictures taken in the past and present of their fossil finds and the landscapes surrounding those fossils to publish on this website and blog. Pictures that are used will either be placed in the gallery and on the home page rotating in and out every month. You will be credited for your photo, please make sure to send the pertinent info accompanying the fossil in the picture (see the Members Fossil Gallery for example)

By doing a blog we seek to inform members and visitors who missed a field trip and would like to be informed of the events out in the field and a state that has a tremendous fossil diversity.

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