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APS Supports MMNS 21st Annual Fossil Roadshow

The APS headed to the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science for the 21st Annual Fossil Roadshow on 2 March 2024. This is certainly one of our favorite events each year, as the museum staff invite the public to come in and see fossils, but also bring their own discoveries and have paleontologists identify what they have found. It is truly an excellent event to engage with the public! What a great atmosphere the museum has created to think and talk about fossils and deep time, as you look out the huge windows at Mississippi today, with a behemoth swimming overhead like it would have done in that very place millions of years ago. There were very large crowds this year and the day simply flew by.

The APS had three tables with pictures, resources and fossils for the public to peruse and engage with our members about. It was the debut of our new display approved by the APS membership at our February meeting.

Members Jim, Prescott, Bruce, and Logan manned the booth this year and got to hear an excellent presentation given by Jun on Megalodon's ancestors from the fossil record.

The best thing about this event is the science education that comes with it. Below Bruce is doing his part inspiring the next generation of potential paleontologists!

Jim Braswell, APS President

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