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Hunting Carboniferous/Mississippian Fossils in North Alabama

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

The second of January 2021 started off with a bang and it was a chilly one. It was supposed to be a partly sunny to cloudy day in the high 50s' but it seemed like it got cloudier than expected. With that said the sun did pop out on occasion and made for hunting and viewing fossils a tad bit easier. We all met at our usual location to access the site, surprisingly the enthusiastic people count was around 35 +, and all practicing social distancing! After instructions and overview of the site by Ashley we were on our way. Imagine the caravan enroute to the location to hunt fossils. Despite the sun not being out most of the time it turned out to be a very productive day for most of the participants!

We all scattered to hunt the hundreds of yards of shoreline while the local fisherman were wondering why we all converged upon that location? Big slabs of Bangor limestone as well as smaller slabs containing 3D versions of Corals, Blastoids, Trilobutts, Brachiopods, Crinoids, Shark teeth and Archimedes were found!

Here, Amy found an almost intact 3D Crinoid flowerette and piece of coral that she is planning to polish.

Fossilized corals of different sizes and shapes were present on the site! Here are two of many pieces that were found by Benji that day. Many members found lots of it and were taking them home to add to their collections!

Shark teeth from the Carboniferous period are unique finds, both Hayley and Chase found a few. Hayley found a modern Decopod as well, sadly this Blue Crayfish had passed?

Here is Chase's Cladodont shark tooth and Phanocrinus Crinoid he found on the shoreline.

Beth's finds of the day, a Horned Coral attached to matrix containing Bryzoans and Crinoid segments. Several 3D Blastoids were found including this Blastoid attached to matrix with Bryzoans surrounding it.

Ann's finds were a Trilobite pygidium affectionately called a "Trilobutt". Many of the limestone slabs contained crushed Blastoids as well.

Matrix filled limestone slabs contained many fossils of different organisms that lived in the ancient seas of Alabama. Some of those fossils detached from the stone over time and 3D fossils like Crinoid stems, Horn Coral, Spirifers and Brachiopods were found. Many slabs and individual fossils were found and added to member collections. Everyone had a nice time, making new and hanging with friends and family and just being in the great outdoors! What a great way to start the new year 2021! We look forward to many great adventures ahead for the Alabama Paleontological Society group!

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