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Cretaceous Crabbing in Northeast Mississippi

On June 25, the APS made a field trip to a borrow pit in Northeast Mississippi to look for Cretaceous marine fossils. The site has been a great place over the years for crabs! There were two distinct themes this trip, the last few wet years have resulted in the site being nearly taken over by grass and weeds and it was hot!!! Very hot... We had a total of 6 intrepid hunters who endured heat indices well over 100 degrees. Thankfully, we found some fossils.

From top left, some of the fossils found include crab legs and claws, a tooth, a fish vertebra, a bivalve, an oysterm (exogyra), corrals, partial crab and legs, crab carapace, and more crab bits.

Thanks to Gary Stringer for providing the recent presentation on otoliths to the APS and the 2020 paper based on otoliths from the site prior to our field trip! Our eyes were tuned in and we found quite a few! The first picture below is of otolith in situ. I was very excited as these were a first for me.

Written by Jim Braswell, APS

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