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Social Distancing At Its Finest In Walker County, APS Style

On March 28, 2020, the Alabama Paleontological Society went to Walker County on their monthly fossil hunt and it didn't disappoint! A good number of members participated despite the Covid 19 'social distancing rule ' being in effect. There was plenty of space between people as you can see in the landscape picture. It was a beautiful day with sunshine, clouds and a cool breeze blowing in from the east. As the day wore on and the sun intensified, that breeze was very welcomed! There were treasures to be found, most everyone went home with a fossil of the day!

Prescott found this cool amphibian trackway and, lo and behold one of its descendants...A Southern White-Spotted Slimy Salamander. Two weeks prior, the site was turned by the state coupled with all the rain, we were treated to freshly turned earth. There were fossils to be found! The members found fossilized plants, vertebrate and invertebrate track fossils. It was an awesome outting for those who has been stuck at home and needing to get out to enjoy the great outdoors!

Some really cool trace fossils were found by two of our members as well as others! Glen found an Attenosaurus track and Prescott found an invertebrate trackway on the site as well as the amphibian trackway featured above. Many plant fossils were found as well including Calamites, Fern Rachis, Lepidostrobophyllum, Mariopteris fern fronds and Lepidodendron bark impressions.

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